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Taha Afefe (b. 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist from Palestine , graduated from the visual communication department at Wizo Haifa. Lives and creates in Haifa. I participated in a number of group exhibitions including "Black Box" at the Digital Art Museum in Holon, “Design Week” in the Netherlands, “Bezalel Gallery for Contemporary Art” , “Freshpaint art & design fair” in Tel Aviv, and many more.

In my art I search for a sense of belonging and ask questions about identity in the state of refugees. I move between visual communication and art, also between digital art and material use. In my art, I am interested in using typography and language as a central role in the construction of identity. my art is characterized by their topicality and relevance.

In addition to digital art, in my paintings and prints, I will try to capture contemporary public moments and make them personal, more intimate. The paintings resembled photographs trying to capture a look or a moment in time.

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